Title Mark Twain Zephyr In Preparation for Move to Mid America Car Co.
Date of Original 1987
Date of Digital 19 October 2003
Description KANSAS CITY - A retired, partially refurbished, Mark Twain Zephyr shows her years as she sits in Kansas City awaiting her removal to the Mid America Car Co. in Joliet, IL, her future resting place. The "cow-catcher" (shovel nose), generally located at the front, bottom of the engine, has been removed. In order to move the train to the necessary tracks, a ramp has to be constructed, and the "cow-catcher" is too low for this maneuver. The trip to Mid America takes the train through Bowling Green, MO.
Contributor Spaun, Becker
Publisher Hannibal Free Public Library (Hannibal, MO)
Subject Mark Twain Zephyr (railroad train)
Original Format Photograph, color, 6" by 4"
Digital Format jpg
Identifier Z7052