Hannibal Free Public Library

A Prayer for Owen Meany
John Irving

June 30, 2014

2:30 4:00 p.m.




  1. Why do you think John Irving chose to end the novel in Arizona instead of Vietnam ? What does this setting tell us about Owen's ability to foresee what will happen to him?
  2. What is the effect when we learn that John remains a virgin for his whole life? Do you think it has some sort of religious significance? Is it psychological? What do you make of it?

  3. What aspects of the novel did you find believable? Which left you thinking, "Huh? No way!"?

  4. Who do you think is the real focus of the novel, John or Owen?

  5. Would you be able to forgive Owen for what happens at the baseball game if you were John? Why might it be important that John forgives Owen?


Adapted from:  http://www.shmoop.com/owen-meany/questions.html