Hannibal Free Public Library

From the Kitchen of Half Truth

Maria Goodin

January 27, 2016

2:30 – 4:00 p.m.


Discussion Questions

 1. The original title of this book was “Nutmeg.” Do you think From the Kitchen of Half Truth is more appropriate? Why or why not?

2. Do you agree with Meg’s following statement to Mark: “I’d rather have fictional memories than no memories at all.”

3. What do you think of Valerie’s stories about Meg’s childhood?

 4. Was there any foreshadowing that the fanciful stories hid a darker reality? If yes, what was it, and when did you see it?

5. Meg mentions that embarrassment, anger, and guilt are emotions all teenagers feel. Even though the stories from her childhood are outrageous, do you think Meg’s growing pains are relatable? Why or why not? Do you think that, in some respects, she’s still an adolescent?

6. Meg joins the science department at her university and studies to become a geneticist. Do you believe that this choice is significant?

7. Ewan: “There’s a very fine line between the truth and a lie, isn’t there?” Meg: “No, there isn’t. One is real, the other is not. It’s extremely simple if you think about it.” What do you think about this exchange between Ewan and Meg?

8. Meg is baffled that Ewan indulges her mother’s fantasies at the beginning of the book. What changes her mind?

9. Each time Meg begins to force her mother to tell the truth about her childhood, her mother’s condition worsens. Why? And how does this affect Meg’s decision to pursue the truth?

10. Meg’s nightmare about the White Giant is recurring and seems to intensify as she gets closer to the truth. Did you have any theories about this nightmare?

Adapted from:  http:  sourcebooks.com/images/stories/docs/PDFS /from the Kitchen of Half Truth Guide. pdf