Hannibal Free Public Library

The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt

October 26, 2015

2:30 4:00 p.m.


Discussion Questions


1.    What is the central idea of the book? What was the main theme the author explored?


2.    Explain how Eleanor developed her independence during her marriage.


3.    When and how did Eleanor become interested in politics? What were her views concerning the role of a wife?


4.    How did Eleanor view her role as First Lady?  Why was Eleanor troubled about becoming the First Lady? What were some of her concerns?


5.    Why did Eleanor consider international travel to be important? What perspective did she feel Americans should have?


6.    Discuss Eleanor's views on her role at the United Nations.


7.    Did Eleanor change by the end of the book? Is there a life turning point? Is there a conversion? (A conversion is the point at which the writer comprehends a great truth about herself and changes the direction of their life.)


8.    What have you learned after reading this book? Has it broadened your perspective about a difficult personal or societal issue? Did you learn something new?


9.    If you could as Eleanor a question, what would it be?


Adapted from: http://www. http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1125412-the-autobiography-of-eleanor-roosevelt-january-2013